Our executive members are a group of volunteers accountable for delivering all of the clubs programming in accordance with the values of the organization and the rule of law

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Tom Callahan


Darrell Edgett

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Ruth Ketcheson-Haslett

Director of Treasury

Tim & Martha Farrell

Ontario Basketball Liaison

Sara Rozema

Director of Marketing & Communications

Chris Drumm

Director of House League

Terri-Lynn McGrath

Director of Uniforms & Equipment

Erin Rose

Director of Schedule & Facilities

Amy Farrow

Banquet Convenor


Director of Home Tournaments


Team Administrator


Director of Coaching Development

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the overall management of the organization 
  • Oversee all club activities 
  • Appointment of board member positions
  • Select coaches, approve managers 
  • Manage and review finances regularly
  • Work with board members to achieve goals
  • Grow and develop the club
  • Non biased conflict resolution 
  • Clear, and friendly communications to members
  • Positively represent the organization
Vice President
  • Perform the duties of the Chairperson in their absence. 
  • Succeed the Chairperson, pro-term, if the Chairperson resigns. 
  • Assist the Chairperson with all organizational activities. 
  • Signing authority on bank accounts in conjunction with the Treasurer. 
  • Supports Belleville Spirits and their activities as required
Director of Treasury
  • Maintain financial records and account books of the Belleville Spirits. 
  • Prepares and presents a report of the Belleville Spirits’ finances at each Executive Meeting, including the bank statement 
  • Prepares and presents a written Income and Expense Statement, and a Balance Statement at the AGM. 
  • Accepts and deposits all Belleville Spirits’ funds in a financial institution approved by the Belleville Spirits’ Executive. 
  • Prepares, signs and submits all cheques to the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson or Administrator for all counter signatures. 
  • Prepares and presents to the Executive an Annual Budget for each Fiscal Year. g. Signing authority on bank accounts in conjunction with a different designated Executive Member. 
  • Special Projects as needed 
  • Tracks NSF cheques. 
  • Sets up Bank Authorization
Director of Coaching Development
  • Liaise with team coaches throughout season
  • Recruit and oversee club coaching
  • Facilitate coach education programing
  • Oversee player development camp opportunities
Director of Uniforms & Equipment
  • Collect player sizing with registration each season
  • Maintain and organize uniforms prior to each new season
  • Issue team uniforms and practice jerseys at the start of each season
  • Collect uniforms and practice jerseys at the end of each season
  • Monitor and maintain uniforms and equipment
  • Maintain an inventory of all uniforms and equipment
  • Handle any requests for first aid kit replenishments
  • Obtain quotes for Executive approval for purchase of basketballs, uniforms, or other equipment, as needed
Director of Home Tournaments
  • Establish Tournament Committee from Belleville Spirits parents and community members
  • Coordinate gym time with Scheduler
  • Coordinate team registrations, rosters, and fees
  • Coordinate hotel options for out of town teams
  • Set up convenor
  • Arrange for officials
  • Coordinate awards and/or medals
  • Oversee all tournament aspects
Director of House League
  • Coordinate gym times with Scheduler
  • Coordinate registration process and fees
  • Recruit, supervise, and liaise with volunteer coaches and convenors with regards to fair play, rules, and balancing of teams 
  • Prepare house league schedules
  • Communicate with parents and guardians with schedules, changes, and other issues that may arise
  • Coordinate ads and website updates with Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Maintain file on insurance records and medical releases
  • Arrange insurance forms for coaches and executives
  • Order house league shirts, and awards for each new season, as approved by Executive
Director of Schedule & Facilities
  • Oversee gym permits for each facility
  • Set practice schedule
  • Correspond with coaches and coordinators to determine needs of each team
  • Confirm permits and schedules on a daily bases
  • Liaise with custodial staff at each school, as necessary
  • Maintain relationship with local school board
Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Plan and oversee communication strategies that promote the clubs best interests through various communication mediums
  • Maintain Belleville Spirits website and social media accounts including posting of schedules, registrations, tryouts, team news and other items of interest to the Belleville Spirits community. 
  • Respond to online inquiries in a timely manner or forward them to the correct person. 
  • In coordination with the administrator, setup registration for all recreational program registrations and special camps
Ontario Basketball Liaison
  • Obtain all the required registration forms from Basketball Ontario. 
  • Advise the Belleville Spirits team contacts of the deadlines and forward the forms to them. 
  • Collect the completed forms and the relevant birth certificates. 
  • Forward the forms to Basketball Ontario prior to deadlines. 
  • Ensure the Belleville Spirits meets all Basketball Ontario guidelines.
Director of Sponsors & Fundraising
  • Reviews and recommends sponsorship fees for approval by the Executive.
  • Review status of previous year sponsors and prepare revised sponsorship list for current year by the end of September 
  • Canvas for new sponsors. 
  • Prepare sponsorship letter for registration. 
  • Deliver sponsorship/fundraising money to the Treasurer when received. 
  • Coordinate the ordering of the team House League shirts with the Executive and the silk-screening company. 
  • Organize any fundraising activities. 
  • Responsible and/or coordinate delivery of plaques/shirts to sponsors at the end of the season
Banquet Convenor
  • Plan and organized the end of year banquet for players and families